The Kansas Leadership Cohort 

The Kansas Democratic party is the proud recipient of a transformational grant from the Kansas Leadership Center. We join nearly 100 other civically engaged organizations across the state working to nurture a culture that embraces change, tackles problems and seizes opportunities. 

This grant allows us to invest in development of leadership skills for Democrats across the entire state by moving them along the KLC Path, a three-step sequence of leadership training. At the core of our work is the belief that leadership is an activity—not a position—and that anyone can exercise leadership effectively. 

Successful applicants will attend an in-person or on-line multi-day class conducted by the Kansas Leadership Center during this calendar year. The three steps on the KLC path are consecutive, but you may apply to attend any of the three, if you have completed the previous step. The cost of each training is covered by the grant, however, the same two books are used for every level of training. The cost for these is approximately $52. If attending in person, travel and hotel costs will also be covered by the attendee.

In addition to attending the training, grant recipients (known as the KDP Leadership Cohort)  work with the larger cohort to address our chosen adaptive challenge: magnifying diverse voices within the Democratic party.  We meet virtually on a regular basis for learning, networking and updates on individual experiments. We also gather in person as possible.  

To maximize the long-term impact of the Kansas Leadership Cohort, our focus is statewide participation, particularly from the rising Kansas electorate: African American, Latinx, Native American, Asian American, immigrants, rural progressives, labor, low-income families, LGBTQ+ Kansans, disabled Kansans, young voters (18-34) and other forward-thinking citizens. Participants who speak Spanish are able to participate in Avanzando Juntos.

Interested? Learn more about KLC here. Find the application form here. The first round of applications with a resume and 2 references are due by April 1, 2023. Additional awards may be made throughout the year as spots become available.

In addition to filling out the application link, please provide a resume and two written references or letters of recommendation of someone who is familiar with your aspirations and/or work within your community.  These may be emailed to with the subject line “Kansas Leadership Cohort Application.”

From the Kansas Leadership Center:

What is Your Leadership Edge?

KLC believes leadership is an activity that can be done by anyone, anytime. No matter where you fit (or don’t fit) within a management structure, you have the opportunity to impact the world around you. Get on the path to seeing leadership differently by enrolling in KLC’s introductory program, Your Leadership Edge.

Get acquainted with KLC’s principles, competencies and definition of leadership in this two-day program. Practice this new framework alongside participants representing a broad spectrum of sectors. Identify key areas where you need to stretch, grow and experiment (i.e. your leadership edge) to help you get unstuck on some of your toughest challenges. And, do this work with the help of a supportive and challenging KLC teaching team.

Learn more about the Kansas Leadership Center!

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